Player Packs

We have simplified Player Packs this year!
The KWCS football program supplies essential gear.
While some people consider upgrading specific equipment on their own dime, it is completely optional.

Issued Football gear that MUST be turned back in at the conclusion of the season:

REQUIRED Football Gear for all HS football players

Examples below are simply suggestions. You may chose whichever brand you like. 

Nike White Crew Socks

7-Pad Girdle

5-Pad Girdle

Football Knee Pads - Black or white

In the past, players have also purchased the below items; which are completely optional.
We can add the KWCS Football logo onto any item you like. 

Navy, Size Med Duffle Bag

Gray Practice Pants

Navy Practice T-Shirt
(Runs small)

Compression Shirt in Slate